Saturday, February 26, 2011

Filmmaker Q&A: Maggie Franks, "The Board Meeting"

Adventurous, athletic, lighthearted. These are words that typically describe surfers. A much less common description is “retired businessman.” Maggie Franks’ movie “The Board Meeting” introduces the audience to Don and Ross, her surfing partners whose goal it is to surf into their 80’s. Catch “The Board Meeting” Saturday March 12th at 7:00 pm as part of Program 9. Click here to get your tickets.

“The first time I went to San Francisco, I left my heart and my wallet at Fisherman’s Wharf. While I was posing for photos with pals at the wharf, I reached into my purse for lipstick but my wallet flung up and went into the bay, drifting down out of sight.

Several weeks later, I received a bulky package in the mail. When I opened it up, my wallet was in it; along with ID, important papers and precious photos. Everything was perfectly intact. The only thing missing was my last twenty dollars. But a handwritten note explained the mystery: two divers had discovered the wallet on a scavenger hunt in the bay. They took the liberty of using the twenty dollars for postage and beer money. It was the best twenty dollars I ever spent.

The ink on the note has long since faded but San Francisco was etched in my heart forever.”

What is your overall summary for the film?

The Board Meeting follows two 79 year old retired executives who surf three times a week with one goal on their agenda: keep surfing into their 80s.

What was your inspiration for creating the film?

My parents didn’t age well. So I didn’t know how to grow old, let alone, gracefully.

What was the most challenging part of creating the film?

I have surfed with my stars, Don and Ross for many years. They are two retired business men who have mastered the balancing act of surfing, working, family, and fun

What do you want to impart on your film’s viewers?

Life is a balancing act. That’s half the fun of it. We can’t be afraid to fall down or get back up; whether we’re 18 or 80.

What was the most enjoyable part of creating the film?

Trying to keep a straight face while directing Don and Ross. They are very comfortable on screen and their humor was alive and well.

Who (or what) is your inspiration?

My parents, my sons, the ocean, and those two old guys…

How or why did you begin creating ocean-focused films?

I literally grew up on the ocean, surfing since I was 12. I want our kids and grandkids to be able to enjoy our planet, long after we’re gone.

Why did you choose to submit your film to the San Francisco Ocean Film Festival?

It is an education and a wake-up call yet a celebration of the ocean and the passion to preserve it. And San Francisco is near and dear to my heart.

What was the most memorable moment in creating the film?

Watching two men reflect on a lifestyle and friendship that spans over half a century that is driven by the changing tides of life.

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